Bluewater Mineralizer™

Turn your tap into a source of pure mineralized water.

Tap Into Mineralized Water

Imagine the purest water, infused with Swedish minerals, available instantly. No more costly plastic water bottles, no more plastic pollution. Bluewater delivers pure, mineralized water from tap to table.

Purify: Your water using our state-of-the-art technology, for superior quality.

Mineralize: Our 2:1 Calcium to Magnesium ratio - a perfect blend formulated to finesse your wellbeing.

Enjoy: Elevate your daily hydration ritual with a water experience that delights your taste buds while nurturing your health.

The Tech Orchestrating the Mineralized Tap Water

Bluewater O: Intelligent switch and monitor, optimizing every sip.

Pump: Precision infusion, adding essential minerals to the purified water.

Control box: Orchestrating customization, connecting everything.

Spirit: Purifying your water with our SuperiorOsmosis™ tech.

The magic coming from Bluewater Mineralizer™

Tap Into Wellness

Heart, muscle and bone health: Calcium and magnesium in water foster bone strength, and aid heart and muscle function.

Microplastic removal: Eliminating microplastics from water protects your health by reducing exposure to potential toxins and environmental pollutants.

Free from PFAS: Eradicating PFAS from water safeguards your health by minimizing exposure to these harmful, persistent chemicals.

For Homes and Offices

Elevate your home and office hydration. Enjoy pure, mineralized water from your tap without the hassle of new installations. Say goodbye to bottled water and hello to convenience.

Bluewater O

A Powerful Way to Control Your Tap Water

At sleep: Lights turned off to seamlessly fit in you environment.

Municipal water: Orange indicates that municipal tap water is being poured.

Bluewater Mineralized: O spins when your water is mineralized and purified.

Tailormake It for Your Restaurant, Café or Hotel

Double faucet for sparkling and still

Let Your Guests Sip the Sparkle

Serve Ice Cold water

Serve Ice Cold water

Innovating With Planet in Mind

Zero Transportation: Premium water purified by you locally, minimizing your footprint.

Skip the plastic: No more single-use plastic bottles.

What's in the Box


Control Box

Dosing Pump

Bluewater O

Additionals for the service industry

Double faucet: optimizing the efficiency and taste for sparkling and still water.
Premium cooling system: Cooling system for your water.
Sparkling: Cater to your customers adding sparkling water as well.
Reusable bottles: Tailored for the dispensed volume automatically.

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